Privacy Policy

Last modified:  June 4, 2011

This blog is hosted by WordPress/Automattic, which has its own Privacy Policy here.  You should read it in its entirety since it has information that will affect readers of this blog.

The field of psychology is “all about” confidentiality.  In that light Dr. Bissette and HealthyMind Blog have no interest in gathering personal information about its readers, much less sharing its readers personal information with others.  In fact, as outlined below, steps are taken on this blog to protect readers from accidently revealing more about themselves than they intend.

Confidentiality of Comments/Replies: The Comment/Reply forms on these pages are designed by WordPress. For individuals who are not registered as a WordPress user the forms include a place for name, email, and any associated website they may desire to list. Emails are not published with the Reply or Comment, according to the label that WordPress places on the form. However, they are forwarded to Dr Bissette. When Comments and Replies are left by registered users of WordPress, the Comment or Reply will automatically include the user name of the individual, their blog address, and their email address when it is revealed to Dr. Bissette and HealthyMind Blog by WordPress.  Though Dr. Bissette may reply personally and privately to any Comment or Reply author using one of these email addresses, and may choose to view the website listed, he will not use these email addresses for any mailing list or distribute any them to others in any way.

Though Dr. Bissette has indicated at the top of the home page of this Website that Replies/Comments are public, he may choose to remove last names and websites from Replies or Comments to protect against the event that people who posted the Comments and Replies mistakenly thought they were mailing him a private message. This is a courtesy offered to readers, but it may not happen on every occasion, and not for any particular reason.  Authors of a Comment or Reply are encouraged not to leave information in a Comment or Reply that they do not want to be made public.

If the author of the Comment or Reply is a professional in a mental health field who appears to be responding from a professional, rather than personal, viewpoint, Dr. Bissette is more likely to allow the full name and website link provided by the writer of the Reply or Comment to remain publicly associated with the Reply or Comment since it may be of interest to his readers. This is entirely at the discretion of Dr. Bissette and HealthyMind Blog, depending on the relevance of the writer’s website to Dr. Bissette’s purpose for this Website.

Cookies:  Dr. Bissette has provided WordPress no instructions to place or monitor cookies on the computers of its readers.  However, WordPress does use cookies and describes their use of cookies in their Privacy Policy.  The content of the cookies used by WordPress is not available to Dr. Bissette and HealthyMind Blog.

Statistics:  WordPress provides Dr. Bissette with the number of readers for each blog post on a daily basis, but no personally identifying information is included.

Registered Users of WordPress:  Individuals who decide to register with WordPress as users provide WordPress with the personal information WordPress requires.  This is also governed by the Privacy Policies of WordPress and is not available to Dr. Bissette or HealthyMind Blog in any manner that is not available to the general public.

Changes:  Although most changes are likely to be minor, Dr. Bissette and HealthyMind Blog may change this Privacy Policy from time to time at their sole discretion. Dr. Bissette and HealthyMind Blog encourage visitors to frequently check this page for any changes to this Privacy Policy. Your continued use of this site after any change in this Privacy Policy will constitute your acceptance of such change.

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