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There’s a baby in that bath water

Back in medieval days bath water was shared by several people.  The last to get use of the water was the baby in the family, after which the water was discarded.  By that time the water wasn’t very clear…and the … Continue reading

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Experiential therapy and the healing of trauma, Part 2

In the previous post I say that well-done experiential therapies are good at healing trauma.  But what kind of therapies does this include? Several types of experiential therapy come to mind.  Many of these therapies include a focus on paying … Continue reading

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You are an organism!

According to gestalt therapy you are an “organism”. Over the years as I have learned gestalt therapy I’ve not been fond of this use of an otherwise perfectly fine word.  To begin with, it doesn’t seem like a very flattering … Continue reading

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“There was a big fight at my house last night. Unfortunately, it was inside me.”

We can all say that we have fights inside ourselves.  It’s true…one part of me takes a position on something, and another part of me disagrees. Polarities.  They happen all the time. Often we try to get rid of one … Continue reading

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Asking an emotional part of you to “stand down”

As I continue to explore Internal Family Systems, much to the benefit of myself and my clients, occasionally an aspect of managing ones emotional life comes into sharp focus.  One thing that I have particularly liked recently has been the … Continue reading

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Recovery and the ability to receive

Alexandra Katehakis’ recent article in this blog about the cycle of sex addiction points out how an insidious pattern of behavior like sex addiction can develop.  There is a lot of detail that can be added to any such explanation … Continue reading

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The gestalt concept of maturity

A main focus of gestalt therapy is helping individuals take responsibility for their lives and be proactive in getting their needs met.  This relates to the gestalt concept of maturity. When we are young children, and we are lucky enough … Continue reading

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