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There’s a baby in that bath water

Back in medieval days bath water was shared by several people.  The last to get use of the water was the baby in the family, after which the water was discarded.  By that time the water wasn’t very clear…and the … Continue reading

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Make a list of those who have loved you

Who has loved you? Many people who come to see me have had lives that were deficient in wholesome love, especially during their early childhood years.  This has cast a pall over their emotional lives as adults.  They are plagued … Continue reading

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A short summary of what you probably already know about developing good self esteem

Throughout this blog it is my passion that my readers feel better about themselves after spending time here. It’s what I care about most, and my best gift to offer you. So, at the risk of seeming simplistic to some … Continue reading

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How to share yourself with others and keep your dignity

I guess I’m stuck on the topic of personal sharing at the moment. This and the two previous posts concern this topic. But, I think each post hits the topic a bit differently, so here goes! The topic for this … Continue reading

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Where to find friends? Try personal growth groups.

Friends are more important than vitamins. In fact, good ones are like emotional vitamins. They make our lives go better. I’ve talked a lot about this in this blog. However, the question arises…Where do I find them? I live in … Continue reading

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The human requirement for shared experience

Watching a movie trailer recently I had a renewed glimpse of the importance of having shared experiences with others. It is a critical part of living a full, meaningful life. To be honest I can’t remember much about the movie … Continue reading

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The Four Questions

Things go wrong in our lives all the time.  And when they do, some of us respond in ways that address the problem and typically bring us a measure of emotional comfort.  However, others of us either pretend that nothing … Continue reading

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