How to share yourself with others and keep your dignity

It's about balanceI guess I’m stuck on the topic of personal sharing at the moment. This and the two previous posts concern this topic. But, I think each post hits the topic a bit differently, so here goes!

The topic for this post can sound a bit odd, but one of the problems we face when wanting to be open with others is the feeling that we are presenting ourselves as pitiful.

It’s an understandable concern.

After all, you are successful in some things, and not others. That’s the way it is for all of us. Things are going well with your son, and your daughter won’t speak to you. You’re doing great things at work and have a medical condition that you are afraid to have diagnosed.  You got an “A” in chemistry and flunked history.

So say it that way.  People will appreciate the honesty…on both sides of the “success” coin.

It’s much easier to share with others if we if we aim for balance.  It’s like being on a seesaw as a child.  You have to find the right place to be so that things are balanced with your partner.  “I’ve doing really well with my eating and exercise for a while now, but my spending is out of control. I can’t seem to get a handle on it.”  Acknowledge your success to others, and show your under-belly at the same time. You’ll find that you do more sharing and won’t feel so over-exposed.

It’s about balance.


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