Where to find friends? Try personal growth groups.

SharingFriends are more important than vitamins. In fact, good ones are like emotional vitamins. They make our lives go better. I’ve talked a lot about this in this blog. However, the question arises…Where do I find them?

I live in the Washington, DC area. To plan lunch with a friend may require making plans three weeks out. How out of control is that? It’s a problem in this city. People are so busy they almost have to “carve out” (a phrase I hate) time to breathe.

It an atmosphere like this how does one get below the surface with others? When our business suits and our busy schedules hide both our joys and pain, where do we find a place to let down our hair and “be real”?

I have an answer to this…and I understand that it is an answer that will not interest everyone. But the answer is to get involved with anything involving healthy personal growth. Those who are willing to change and grow are often interested in sharing themselves honestly, and time over coffee or a walk through a park is valued by them.

I have made many of my most lasting friends in life at workshops and other small groups. I have mentioned before that some people avoid personal growth like the plague, and it puzzles me that they do. That is not my path. Whether it is a small group in a healthy church, a 12-step meeting, or a workshop at a retreat center, small groups provide a chance to share with others.

Don’t get me wrong…it’s not all about being intense with others. But that rock solid foundation of honesty and openness makes hikes, movies, and cooking out in the back yard more fun.

I’ll keep this simple. Life is, at all times, about personal growth. From before the moment of birth until our death we are designed to grow and change. And take heart, it can be fun. It’s easier to make friends in a personal growth context because personal growth is such a basic activity of living. And constructive, alive people are easier to befriend!

Got an experience of finding friendship in a personal growth context that you want to share with other readers? Leave a comment below. I will typically remove your email address before posting your comment. (Let me know if you want me to leave it.)


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2 Responses to Where to find friends? Try personal growth groups.

  1. Jason says:

    Hey David, I fully agree. Having friends who are on the same path as you is fundamental to helping you stay on it. I went to a personal growth seminar a few months ago and even though most attendees are in another state we still keep in touch on Facebook and have a private group. That motivation was what drove me to start my own personal growth blog.

    What about you? Have you formed a good circle of people to support you through this?

  2. Tamika says:

    Thanks for posting this, it is really helpful and inspiring!!!

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