The Four Questions

4QuesThings go wrong in our lives all the time.  And when they do, some of us respond in ways that address the problem and typically bring us a measure of emotional comfort.  However, others of us either pretend that nothing has happened or fall into a place of hopelessness and defeat.

You can guess which response I hope you have.

When things go wrong, and I mean even when they go BADLY wrong, there are four questions to ask yourself.  They are important questions and they can make a huge difference in your life.  Here they are:

  1. Who should I talk to about this problem?
  2. How to I need to adjust my plans and expectations because of this problem?
  3. What lessons and gifts does this problem have to offer me?
  4. What is the next right step for me to take?

The next four blog posts will deal with these questions one at a time.

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