Teddy Bears and Recovery

I nurture1received an email today which makes a claim that I have believed for a while.  This email said that hugging a teddy bear can be a really comforting thing.   Specifically, this email said that hugging a teddy can release the same amount of endorphins as sexual intercourse.  Wow!  Talk about safe sex!  🙂

I actually heard in a professional workshop that hugging anything comforting releases endorphins, and that not only does hugging help, but laughing does also.  We are made to need humor and comforting touch.  When life has you stressed out consider snuggling up to a teddy bear, and I bet you’ll find out that it helps.  Also, consider checking out a humor site on the web and get a few laughs when you are down.  Look for humor in your problems and you may just release some of those helpful endorphins.

Of course, none of this is meant to take the place of more substantial action needed to improve your situation, but every little bit does help!  And by the way, hugging people is known to be a good thing also–especially a “knees to nose” hug rather than a “teepee” (touching shoulders only) hug.

Here’s hoping that your life contains plenty of hugs and humor, despite the difficult things you may be facing!


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3 Responses to Teddy Bears and Recovery

  1. Riel says:

    Teddy bears are indeed comforting to hug to. This is true most of the times when you are lonely. It does indeed relieve you of stress from work, school or other activities.

  2. Mark Servatius says:

    Many moons ago, at an “AA convention” in Florida, the Saturday night speaker (Clint) talked about a meeting out West that was mostly attended by rough and tumble bikers. What they did–instead of giving the new guys a Big Book–was to give them a Teddy Bear and tell them to take care of it. He went on to tell stories of how remarkably effective this practice was. Now, of course, a stuffed animal instead of “conference approved” literature is pretty radical. Nonetheless, I can only imagine it would work great in a number of counseling venues as well. Anyway, thanks for reminding of a talk I heard over 25 years ago.

  3. Noemí says:

    Aw, I just typed into Google Teddy Bear Love to find if anyone else loves their teddy bear as much as I love mine! Good to know I’m not the only one! 😉

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