Ten tips for recovery from sex addiction

Here are a few ideas to help you recover from sex addiction…

1)  Acknowledge that your sex life is truly out of control and that you can’t stop the problem by yourself.  (12-steps)

2)  Get help–typically two types:

  • Professional—a professional can help to deal with the trauma that often underlies sex addiction as well as the underlying medical problems that may need attention
  • Peer support—finding a support group of peers who understand can make a lot of difference; the 12-step groups for sex addiction are important

3)  Make your recovery the first priority in your life.  It will not happen as a mid-level priority!

4)  Do more than you think you are going to need to do.  This will help prevent relapses as you discover the power of your sex addiction.

5)  Develop your spiritual side.  If you have a history of spiritual disappointment in what you have been taught, look for what is true for you.  Do not allow yourself to remain in bitterness.  Develop some form of spiritual practice.

6)  Be honest with others about your true feelings and behaviors.  If they are recovering and honest themselves, they will understand.  Do not be afraid to admit your own problems and shortcomings.

7)  Learn the things that trigger you, nurture you, and indicate that you are at a dangerous place emotionally.  Take them into account as you live your life.

8)  Encourage family involvement when helpful, and ask your family members to be involved in their own recovery as needed, whether from alcohol, drugs, or codependency.  Typically spouses WILL need their own recovery, at least from the trauma of discovery of sex addiction in their relationship.

9)  Get involved as a couple in couple’s recovery/therapy.  Sex addiction is an intimacy disorder, and there are often problems with intimacy on both sides of the relationship.

10) Exercise and eat well to aid your emotional and physical well-being.

More information is available here.  Help yourself.

Good luck!


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One Response to Ten tips for recovery from sex addiction

  1. Jennie Anderson says:

    Greetings & Good morning Dr David, what a lovely healing image you chose for your post.

    Lao Tzu tells us [Tao Te Ching, Ch 64, translated by Carus, P, 1913] “A stout tree has originated from a tiny root. … A thousand mile journey begins with a single step. … Remain careful to the end as in the beginning and you will not fail in your enterprise.” I find solace in the idea that going back to the beginning & understanding the details in a non-judgemental way & then holding that understanding/awareness in the palm of your hand helps to focus on the detail of the present & the hold those details have on us. In a way that understanding/awareness is a new tree taking root.

    Perhaps the most important point of the 10 points above is that Recovery is about integration & acceptance – rather than falling into the hole/emptiness, connect with the whole/vastness.

    🙂 have a lovely day, Jennie.

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