An idea rather than a product

Steve Jobs died recently…

…and when I heard about it I was profoundly sad. I do love my iPhone and all the amazing things it can do. And, I’m typing this blog post on my MacBook with pleasure. But beyond these things, Steve Jobs was a man passionate about an idea—using electronics to improve our lives. I remember hearing that he said a good test to see if the iPad was successful was if you could sit in a coffee shop and use it to get a date with someone a few tables away.

That’s a humorous statement, but he was probably serious. You see, he was committed to an idea, not just a product.

Walt Disney was also like that. The Disney empire grew up as an expression of an idea he embraced…that human imagination is powerful in it’s ability to improve our lives and create joy.

I don’t actually know a lot about either Steve Jobs or Walt Disney, but it seems to me that they were who they were because they embraced an idea, which is much more than a product. Sometimes it seems like Disney has already lost some of it’s imaginative edge, and I hope the same won’t happen to Apple. Imagination happens in individuals…individuals like you and me. And we all have more of it than we will ever have time to express.

My big idea in life is about personal growth in things that are important…being who we are, having spiritual health, enjoying creativity and personal relationships, healing from trauma. What idea does your life express? I bet it’s good.


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