An idea is like a ghost

The image to the right showed up on my iPhone screen recently as the result of solving a simple puzzle in a game called PathPix (which is a lot of fun).

It mentions something that I have never thought of, but like a lot. The idea is this: some thoughts have to be massaged a bit before their truth can be clearly seen.

This has certainly been my experience. Some helpful thoughts seem to hang out in the fringes of my mind just out of reach. I know they are there, but it may be a few days before I can find the right words to express them. Hopefully you’re reading the fruit of those discoveries in these blog posts.

The same is true of your thoughts. Give them a chance to develop and they will reward you.

I’ll offer you a different analogy, but since I’m not as familiar with ghosts as Charles Dickens (he included three in A Christmas Carol) it won’t be about the supernatural. Here goes: Like a good stew, some thoughts need to simmer before they are ready for consumption!

Okay, it doesn’t have that Dickens touch, but you get the idea. 🙂


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