Worshiping security

I have a quote for which I have lost the source, but I resonate with it so much that I’m going to include it here anyway, asking your help to identify the author. It’s about love, risk and spirituality…three things that inevitably go together. It’s from a Christian perspective, but the truth is universal.

Here it goes…

“Martin Luther once wrote that security is the ultimate idol. We so long for security that we will bow before it, offer up to it our firstborn, and freeze our future into an ever-present now for it’s sake. In worshiping this golden calf we squander our energy by frantically throwing up security barriers when what we ought to be doing is venturing out into the open, just as God did when God risked dwelling among us. We are not made for safety spiritualities, for hunkering down or dodging risk. We are lovingly made for love, and to love is to accept insecurity and risk and vulnerability for the sake of Love. There is no painlessness in a love-ruled world, and that’s necessarily frightening. But it is also a reasonable price to pay. Even God has to ante up for the sake of love.”

Helen Keller seems to agree about the impossibility of security when she said: “Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

There’s a balance to be maintained between risk and safety. Most of us, however, lean strongly towards the safety end of that spectrum. As a result, we experience less adventure, happiness, and yes, less love in our lives.

What kind of risks can we take that will make a difference? There are many.

One risk is to reach out and get help with emotional problems that have caused you to shrink back in the face of life’s difficulties. We all carry emotional wounds in our bodies and there is healing available for most of them. However, it takes courage to begin that journey.

Another risk is the risk of being ourselves rather than trying to copy someone or imitate a popular idea of who we should be. We are at our best when we are our best self. In conversation and relationships, it does pay to be our best thoughtful selves, listening to ourselves from within and responding honestly to life with a measure of openness and vulnerability.

I won’t go on at the moment, lest this become too long…but the point is this: too much security = too little life and love. Live a little!


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