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Worshiping security

I have a quote for which I have lost the source, but I resonate with it so much that I’m going to include it here anyway, asking your help to identify the author. It’s about love, risk and spirituality…three things … Continue reading

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Discerning who to trust

When we take risks interpersonally it is important to do so with our eyes open. There’s an old saying about how to open up to others.  It goes Share – Check – Share. This describes the process of “putting a … Continue reading

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The gestalt concept of maturity

A main focus of gestalt therapy is helping individuals take responsibility for their lives and be proactive in getting their needs met.  This relates to the gestalt concept of maturity. When we are young children, and we are lucky enough … Continue reading

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“If you don’t have a dream, how are you going to have a dream come true?” Walt Disney

What a simple and wonderful saying!  The ability to use healthy imagination and fantasy is a great gift, and we need the inspiration and hope they provide.  Dreaming dreams is important for all of us, and most of us need … Continue reading

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As I write this I’m on a plane on my way from DC to a wedding in Los Angeles.  It’s October and plans for the weekend include an outing Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland.  I plan on riding Space Mountain … Continue reading

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