How to slow dowwwwnnnnnn…

Do you feel like you’re in a rush as you read this?  It wouldn’t be a surprise.  Most of us often feel that way.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that it would probably be helpful to slow your life down a little. Most of us know that it would be good for our hearts and bodies.  Taking things a little slower reduces the stress we generate when we get into “rush mode.”  However, it’s easy to talk about slowing down to “smell the roses”–or genuinely taste our food, for that matter–but it’s hard to do.

Here’s a simple suggestion about how to enjoy life more: Listen to your body. 

Does that sound like a weird thing to say?  I’m not talking about listening to the sounds your stomach makes when it’s hungry–at least not primarily that.  I do mean paying attention to the sensations in your body as you go through your day.  Does your chest feel tight?  Is your gut in a knot?  Are you numbed out and not feeling much of anything? These sensations are important information for you.

It’s also helpful to notice when you feel “light” in a good way, or energized, and something you’re doing is working well for you.  Then you can know to do it again later!

If you’re in a rush too much of the time paying attention to your body will automatically slow you down.  It’s not so much “slow down…slow down…slow down”, like giving yourself marching orders.  It’s more like…“this doesn’t feel good to my tummy.  I need to slow down and feel better.  There!  That’s better.”

I won’t keep writing, because you probably don’t have much time.  🙂  But I do want to put this idea out to you: monitor your body and be friendly to it, and you’ll find yourself slowing down to a healthier pace of life…and enjoying things more!


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