Safety in numbers

Truths, like coins, often have two sides.  Just as birds of a feather flock together, so also do opposites attract.  Of course, when we speak of one side of the coin we often act and think as if the other side temporarily doesn’t exist.

However, balance between the two sides of a truth is often the key.  That’s the case with today’s topic…safety in numbers.  When we are bothered by a difficulty it’s easy to withdraw and attempt to figure things out all by ourselves. Doing our own thinking–being alone with ourselves, reading, journaling, or doing a spiritual practice such as praying or meditating–these are all important.  However, being alone with our thoughts only–to the exclusion of others–rarely provides us with the diversity of thought and experience we need to find genuine wisdom about a problem.

My point?  There’s safety in numbers when it comes to personal growth.  Don’t try to do it alone–only. Time spent with others alternating with time alone, like night and day, need to cycle through our lives.  Trusted and wise friends are a treasure, and they important for our well-being.  I have a simple test I apply to my friendships.  I try to surround myself with those who shine brightest when things are most difficult.  That means they’ll be there for me when I need them.

We all tend to become like our friends.  We don’t really have any choice about that.  It’s just the way we are.  The choice we do have is who our friends are. And once you have trustworthy friends, make use of them!  As the old saying goes, “Without consultation plans are frustrated, but with many counselors there is success.”  There’s safety in numbers, when those numbers include the right people.


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2 Responses to Safety in numbers

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