Confidence and humility…a great pairing

Much of life is about balance, and one of the great balances in life is between the traits of confidence and humility.  These two traits are meant to be in a simple, straightforward relationship.

It is critically important that we know our strengths as individuals.  This results in confidence and a good self-esteem.  After all, every person has a lot to offer both themselves and others.  We all have reason for a healthy sense of pride and accomplishment.

However, at the same time it is equally important to have an awareness of our weaknesses and limitations.  This is the source of our humility and is what keeps us balanced and reasonable in our self-perspective.  To be aware of only ones strengths and ignorant of ones weaknesses puts one in danger of arrogance.  And of course, to fail to know what one is truly good at can lead to discouragement and misery.

It’s simple…make a list of what you are really good at in life and enjoy those gifts well.  Develop them and be generous in helping others when you can.  And make another list also…a list of your weaknesses and limitations.  While some weaknesses can be strengthened, others are simply going to remain.  Work with your weaknesses and improve the ones that can be changed.  And for the ones that won’t change, acknowledge your need for others who are strong at your weak points and ask them for their help. It will give them a chance to feel important and needed by you.

In summary, do not be ashamed of your weaknesses.  They are important.  And be grateful for your strengths, too.  It’s all good.


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