Monthly Archives: July 2011 has been re-released

I’ve spent quite a bit of time during the last several months redoing (not this blog, but the “parent” website).  It has taken a lot of effort, but it’s been worth it.  The site looks like I hoped–extensive and … Continue reading

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Confidence and humility…a great pairing

Much of life is about balance, and one of the great balances in life is between the traits of confidence and humility.  These two traits are meant to be in a simple, straightforward relationship. It is critically important that we … Continue reading

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Motivation and chocolate cake

The more we anticipate public humiliation and guilt, the worse we’re likely to do when it comes to self-control. If we focus on the pride that comes from good behavior, we make better choices. By far.                   … Continue reading

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An interview about sex addiction

Occasionally I am interviewed by the press about sex addiction.  The most recent was after the Weiner scandal.  Here it is:

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