It’s not where you start in life…

…it’s where you end up.

RosesThese wise words were spoken last night in a workshop I attended.  And as soon as I heard them I realized they are true.  We have no control about how our lives begin…some people are born into very beneficial circumstances while others are born into difficulties right from the start.

However, life is a journey that can go in all sorts of directions.  To make it through life well we all need hope, and a good bit of encouragement to actually take the actions that improve our lives.  But if we take those actions we will get results, and our ending can be much better than our beginning might have predicted.

According to the wonderful Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books, Lucille Ball was advised against going into acting after an audition, Walt Disney was turned down for a job for lack of imagination, and Abraham Lincoln was defeated repeatedly for public office prior to running for President.

When I hear a helpful thought I file it away in my mind to pull out and review as needed.  This one is a keeper.


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