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Accepting parental limitations…especially when adopted

One of the more difficult tasks in life can be to accept the limitations of our parents or caretakers during childhood without making it to be all about ourselves. It’s hard when life provides us with parents or caretakers who … Continue reading

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A good relationship with yourself

One of the defining tenets of gestalt therapy is an emphasis on contact…with yourself, others, your environment, and for many, a Higher Power.  The ability to have healthy contact is a prime mark of psychological well-being. What surprises some people … Continue reading

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It’s not where you start in life…

…it’s where you end up. These wise words were spoken last night in a workshop I attended.  And as soon as I heard them I realized they are true.  We have no control about how our lives begin…some people are … Continue reading

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A Conversation with One of my “Parts”

Note: You may want to read the post on “We all have parts” before reading this one to understand what’s going on here. I continue to find the Internal Family Systems, or “parts”, way of working to be amazing.  Recently … Continue reading

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