Having a life

TheaterThis past weekend I attended a reception for potential volunteers at a local community theater in my town.  I was warmly welcomed and enjoyed the evening immensely.  Much to my surprise I came away considering taking a beginners class in acting.  It was clearly something I had not expected.

My plan for attending the reception had been to learn how I might occasionally volunteer to build sets after work.  Some simple “hammer and paint” activity would add a welcome contrast to my days at the office.  Actually, I still plan on doing that, but I may do the acting class also.

When it comes to “having a life”, contrast and variety are keys to enjoyment.  They are also important for our mental health.  Years ago I had a friend who called her weekends her “days of contrast activity.”  If she had been outside most of the week, she was less active on the weekend.  If she had been alone a lot, she was particularly social.

And speaking of being social, having an active and varied life will certainly make you more socially attractive to others.  I often tell my clients that if you want to share your life with someone else, it presumes that you have one.  Otherwise, you’re not bringing much to the table for the other person.

We all have more personality traits than will ever make it to the surface of our daily lives.  It’s fun to explore…ourselves.  Try out some new activities and interests just like you’d try on clothes in a store.  See if they fit.

After all, opening windows occasionally to allow fresh air in your home is a great way to keep it healthy and pleasant inside.  Try it with your schedule–and leave a public comment (or a private message to me here) if you have success.  I’d love to know.


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